Class Registration Policy

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  • Registration should be paid within 72 hours of the class.
  • Placement on the list may be made at the store or by phone (pre-payment requirement still applies).
  • We are unable to accommodate unregistered drop-in participants.
  • Supply lists are provided upon your paid registration.
  • Class participants receive a 10% discount on all regularly priced class supplies at the time of registration and on class meeting days.
  • You may cancel a class for a full refund 72 hours (3 days) before the class meets.
  • If you cancel a class less than 72 hours before the class meets, you forfeit your class fee.  Because our teachers are not full time employees of the store, the forfeited class fee will be paid to the teacher.

Embroidery with Barbara--Coasters in the Hoop


October 17, 2017
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Class Fee:  $25.00
Instructor:  Barbara Devlin

Supply List:

          Material needs to be 5 x 5 to make 4 x 4 drink coaster

          Material needs to be 7 x 7 to make 6 x 6 bottle coaster

          Material can be cotton, felt, sateen, embroidery cork, or vinyl for front

                   (felt and embroidery cork make the most absorbent coasters)

          Material for back of cork is normal commercial cork – not the kind to sew on

          If using cotton, you need to have a piece of 5 x 5 batting also

          Unique Stitch glue or other material glue


NOTE: You can also make the back of the coasters with embroidery cork or cotton backed with SF-101 but these are not as absorbent as regular cork
Cork can be obtained from – There are 6 to a set

          4 inch round works best if 1/8 inch – Part No. 6-CIR-4-3MM

          6 inch round works best if ¼ inch – Part No. 6-CIR-6-3MM

Repeating Classes

Free hands-on class for owners of the Dream 8500 with the upgrade kit 1 and the Dream II 8550.

Learn how to customize designs and as a group select additional topics to cover in the final class.

The unique strength of the SNC cutting system scanning and not having to use metal or other physical dies to cut items. We work through editing a scanned item, review the different ways of adhering fabric, setting seam allowances for applique or pieced quilting.

Cost: $ 30.00